• I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • I’m also an Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant
  • I can support your Workplace Rehabilitation Program
  • I can also help you stay healthy at work



Rhea Mercado is an accredited exercise physiologist, holds a Graduate Diploma in Science (Exercise Rehabilitation) and a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Studies. At the age of 22, she started her first business, working out of her parent’s garage in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Since then, she has spent the majority of her career as a business owner and as an independent contractor.

Rhea has worked in the health and fitness industry and in clinical exercise rehabilitation. She found her passion, however, in working as an occupational rehabilitation consultant within the workers compensation scheme. She believes in a caring, simple, collaborative and common-sense approach to recovery and rehabilitation. In addition to her work, Rhea also spends time hanging out with her children, running obstacle course races with her husband, traveling, snowboarding, eating and sleeping

  • - Graduate Diploma Science (Exercise Rehabilitation)
  • - B.A. Human Movement Studies
  • - Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • - SIRA Approved Provider: FCA and WPA
  • - SIRA Approved Provider: Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • - COMCARE Approved Consultant
  • - DVA Approved Consultant
  • - CTP Approved Consultant
  • - Medicare Approved Provider





Compo - A Rehabilitation Consultant’s Journey is about my experience and nothing more. There are some facts but there is mostly my opinion, my perception, and my commentary about the compensation scheme and how it works within the state of New South Wales, Australia.

This book has been a reflection on the first 15 years of my professional career and how my life experiences have shaped my approach and philosophy towards occupational rehabilitation.

I have had the privilege of meeting and working with thousands of people. Some of them were unpleasant; while most of them were wonderful people. The stories they tell, the experiences they’ve had, and the lives they’ve lived have impacted upon me. They inspire me to be a better human.

If you’re in the compensation industry or you know nothing at all about it, I hope that my book gives you a glimpse into my world. A world full of challenge and frustration, and also one of hope and inspiration.


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